Monday, September 1, 2014

Tour through blogland

tour through blogland

Hi guys. How is your three day weekend going? This is the last official day of summer here at Our home, tomorrow Nora starts first grade. And the following week, my boy's start preschool. We are using it to get some things done around the house, and spend time with the kids. Anyways, onto this here blog. Today I am honored and excited to be a part of a Tour through blogland. It is a way for bloggers to celebrate others, share some tiny pieces of themselves, and introduce even more talent to other's.

September blog hobnob

Welcome to the September Edition of the blog hobnob

August Edition
Another month, the summer is over. I am excited for this new chapter in my family's life. But will miss the slower days of summer. A new month in the blogging world to me means a new blog hobnob. This Blog Hop is a Meet & Greet where you can connect and network with other bloggers in various genres! Link up below and check out other blogs, follow them on social media and leave a nice comment! 
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This is a monthly Link Up. It will start on the first day of the month and will stay open until the last day of the month. So stop back by and check out who's new each week!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

parade of homes, home #1

I am sharing with you all one of the homes I saw in the parade of homes here in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I spoke about the homes and shared some highlights. I am starting off with the first home we saw in the series. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

 our house now a home
                       Two creative blogs coming together to share even more creativity!

This week is my last week co hosting with Laura from I'm not a trophy wife. Co hosting Friday Favorites has given me so many opportunity's. I have met other bloggers, gained some new followers, found blogs I am now following, and been so inspired. Thank you so much for taking this little step in blogging with me.  

                                                            7 drawer dresser, Her tool belt
7 drawer dresser built from pallets with a chevron top - free plans on
This dresser was made out of pallet's. The fact that this was even hand made blows my mind. And then the fact that is was made from wood pallet's, makes me want to figure out how to become this awesome and talented. Amy made this for her brother and sister in law for their baby room. Can I have a sister in law like that? Her tool belt is a blog that is filled with projects, DIY stuff, and inspiration. This is the kind of blog you get lost in, and feel inadequate with your DIY skills. But she makes it all so easily, and explains it all too. So anyone can try, head on over!

Adding nail head trim, the honey comb home
This is such a simple project, but a great example on how to revive or add to a piece with minimal work. I am always amazed and inspired by Roxanne. There are so many things I have seen and been in awe of. I love the detailing to this table, bringing a subtle addition to a great table. She was inspired by other tables, more expensive then her liking. So she did this on her own to a more reasonably priced table. If that is not what DIY is about I don't know what it. The honeycomb home is another must see if you are into home decor and anything DIY related. Lost of ideas, and many I have bookmarked to do later on.

So onto the new Friday Favorites for this week, I am eager to see what pops up on this link party!

Happy Linking up, and I hope you really take the time to visit others too. Otherwise you are missing out on the best part of linking up. Seeing, sharing, and supporting others!
Rules sounds a bit strong for a link party and there is no micromanaging going on! But,
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still here, and still redoing our bathroom

Hello all! I am still here, still doing the bathroom. I know, I know. Remember, I spoke about my random and spur of the moment bathroom redo? Well it is in the finishing stages. Sort of.....

Monday, August 25, 2014

random and spur of the moment master bathroom redo

So, there it was, Saturday night. 7pm, just us at Our home. The kids were occupied playing in their rooms, I was putting things away around the house. My evening tradition of putting things in their rightful home. Winding down the Saturday. And it hit me. We should paint our bathroom. I run to Dale and tell him my plans. He gives me "that look". Hear me out I say, "We have tons of left over paint, we can use it to paint the walls. Paint the trim, and maybe get some trim to go around the mirror. It will look great and we can get 95% of it done tonight!". He eyes me skeptically, but agrees. Why? I have no clue, I don't even know if he could tell you. Happy wife, happy life? Maybe...