Friday, May 22, 2015

Fathers day gift idea, low cost!

Low cost and loveable Fathers day gift. I shared this last year, but since Fathers day is a once a year kind of thing, so ideas are always needed. I am sharing this again so any new people 1
to my blog can have this idea and maybe put it to use. Make the man in your life feel important and loved
one of my favorite pictures ever......

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mudroom organization, the organization station is official

Hello all, things are rolling now with this laundry room/mud room overhaul. For the next couple of weeks it is going to be reveal and project crazy! I know, can you feel the excitement? I am ridiculously excited for all of this. I can tell I need to get out more, this is what gets me going. Organization! Everything has it's place! Homework nook! Organization station!!!!! I have been sharing the progress for this space, we have laid tile down, we have hung some upper cabinets, and added some homework wall organizers . I had felt like I was being a big time DIY slacker, but as I am typing this out I see that we have done a lot. So I feel better about that now. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend DIY warrior recap, and a new addition in our home!


How was everyone's weekend? I will say, this weekend was a beast of a few day's for us. It started with the craziness that is having a rummage sale. We had one Thursday-Saturday and it was rough. I was so exhausted, sore, and achy. But first, let me back track a little. Before the massive rummage sale hoopla I shared a new article on The Today show titled, Long drive? Don't take anything serious... seriously. I am giving my tips on how to make a long road trip work with kid's. It involves snacks, funny noise contests, and handling boogers. Oh yeah, I went there! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Friday Favorites link party

Hi everyone! Emily, Heather and I are excited to welcome Stephanie and Michelle as co-hosts to our weekly Friday Favorites! And, we have a new party photo to kick off the new co-hosts! Thank you Emily!!!! We are playing with format here and there, but we are getting are groove on as we roll through the month of May! Denver has been under a rain cloud for almost 3 weeks! We need the moisture so we aren't complaining too loudly-yet!



Hobnob Twitter, Instagram and bloglovin party

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Homework wall organizer, adding some style to the function

I am so excited to be sharing a little more of the laundry room overhaul today. I have already checked off my to do list the installing of upper cabinets, we put in new tile on the floor. Now it is about creating the magic organization station I have been speaking of. Well first let me just say, this corner of the laundry room has gone through big time changes, ones that I will be sharing really soon. It involved hammer's, child labor, and putting a hole in the wall. Really temporarily getting rid of a wall. We put it back, eventually. This small nook got bigger. I will share the how's of that process soon. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

weekend DIY warrior recap

How was everyone's Mother's day? I hope it went well for you all! I am going to assume here that most of the people who read my blog are women who are Mom's. It just seem's like my peep's. We had a packed and busy weekend of fun at Our home.  We got a little DIYing in. But really the most DIY we did was celebrate my most favorite DIY job. Those are my trio of Littles. They are my first do-it-yourself job ever. I grew them all on my own. So this weekend was pretty much enjoying my kid's, our little family of 5 and our extended family.