Monday, September 29, 2014

Dollar store challenge #2

Today is Dollar store challenge time! I decided every month I would take something from the dollar store and use it, up cycle it, redo it, whatever. Only using things purchased from a dollar store, or things from home to help with the up cycle. I am getting festive, fall festive to be exact with this edition of the series. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bathroom cabinet and counter top redo

First of all, you like the new added graphics? I am getting all professional and fancy on you now. Look at me now! Ok, so the latest slow reveal to this bathroom is the counter top and cabinet one. I have already shared the wall light sconces, and the tile tutorial. It all started with this random, spur of the moment idea. It took us a little while longer, but it is shining, gorgeous, and done! You will not have to wait much longer for the full reveal. I am thinking maybe even tomorrow. I still have a few small projects to break down in detail but I am getting antsy. And am worrying I am dragging this on. But, today. Lets get this going.

Friday, September 26, 2014

A new way to add wood detailing, article at Homedit

I don't have my bathroom post done quite yet. It is a small dark bathroom and have needed a really nice and bright day to make the pictures work. It is sunny today. So I am going to take some wonderful pictures of the next part of the bathroom project I am sharing. Tomorrow the post will be up. A weekend post! Next week will be the full reveal, watch out for it.

Today, to tide you over I do have a tutorial and project. You just have to go over to Homedit to see it. I created a different way to add wood trim detailing to a feature wall. There was a big time problem, but I worked through it and am happy with the results. I might be adding wood planks to the bottom of this eventually, not sure yet. But for now this stands all on its own and looks lovely. Go on over and see this great project!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

 our house now a home
Two creative blogs coming together to share even more creativity!

Friday! There is something about the day that gets me all excited. We have a busy weekend here at Our home. We have a lot of family things going on with get together's and what not. I do have a few projects that I want to get going on. And I hope to get my fall home decor stuff out. And then hopefully (fingers crossed) have a fall home tour of my new decor next week. I am also going to share more of our bathroom and probably the full reveal next week. Lots going on at the moment here at Our house now a home. I actually am having a hard time figuring out how to place it all on here without putting a bunch of posts up a day. I will figure it all out, and you will all have plenty to see in the next few weeks here. I guarantee that! As you know I co host Friday Favorites with Laura from I'm not a trophy wife. She is an amazing person I am so excited to be working with and getting to know. We also should have some new additions to Friday favorites coming up, we are going to shake things up a little bit with this link up. All in due time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fancy Shanty DIY sequin pumpkin

Easy DIY Fall Sequin Pumpkin Craft

Hi guys, I am excited to share that I am now part of the contributors team over at Fancy Shanty. I am so excited for this opportunity, and cannot wait to share some ides over there. And maybe gain some new readers as well. I know you guys should go check it out. A wonderful blog with great ideas, funny stories, and lots of personality. And now me! Anyways...

Today is my first official post over there Easy DIY fall sequin pumpkin's. I decided to add some fancy to the normal pumpkin motif going on this time of year. Go head on over and check it out!

My home office update

I updated my desk area a little more. This room combines a lot of things. It is my home office base. It is the library for my kids. All of their books are stored in the spool. So this is the place we go as a family to get lost in a book. We also have this as the kids art area.  This room wears a lot of hats. It needs to be functional but visually appealing since it is right off of the living room. It is constantly evolving as our family's needs, and mine with this blog and other commitments are coming up. It was time to add some organizing.

Pin Worthy Wednesday #4

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