Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday Favorites #105

Hi Everyone- Thanks to every one who linked up to Friday Favorites! Our Friday Favorites is making some great changes so please read how this benefits you! First we are looking for 2-3 additional co-hosts. 
Please email me at laura@notatrophywife if you are interested! We are asking for a 3 month commitment and we are very low key!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gallery wall tutorial

I had mentioned last week about my 20 minutes before people arrive, gallery wall on a whim experience. I am big into random and spur of the moment projects. Let me set the tone for the day that I decided to through in a gallery wall formation. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pin Worthy Wednesday #30

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Welcome to Pin Worthy Wednesday!

Gavin is 4!

You will all have to bare with me for a minute. Today my baby is 4!!!! Yes, the ugly cry is happening right now. It did not help that I just went through all of our pictures to find my favorites of this birthday boy. I did not know I would take it so hard, I knew he would get older. But man, it has flown by. Each of my children has a pulse in this home, something special their unique selves that help make this house a home... Nora is the thoughts in this home, the brain. Caleb is the heart, pure love fills this home because of him. Gavin is the life, this boy knows how to live. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

From the archives, coffee table redo

Today, another episode of "from the archives...". It is the running soap opera like segment of this site. Say it in a dramatic voice, with weird and foreboding music in the background. It works. Keeps things exciting around here. I am bringing back and sharing my coffee table redo for this edition. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites #104

The weekend is fast approaching, and on this blog that means it is Friday Favorites time. A place where blogs can share their latest and greatest. It is also a place where people who don't blog can click on some great links to find even more inspiration. I call that a nice way to spend a Friday. I am always blown away by what people come up with to create, share, get you thinking, or simple tips to things. I enjoy this so much and I hope you all do too.

*** We are looking to add a few co hosts to the Friday Favorites link party. If you are interested email me at I hope we can work together!

my plans went up in the thunderstorm

I had big plans for today, here at Our house now a home. I was going to share and break down the 20 minute, done right before guests arrived, gallery wall. I have some pretty pictures and steps. It was going to be epic. I am talking probably will be the thing that shoots me into gallery wall super stardom. That is a thing, right?